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My first exposure to comic books was when I received and read a copy of Marvel Treasury Edition #2: The Fantastic Four. I was blown away by the Galactus storyline reprinted in there and the rest was history... actually shortly after that I then also picked up the Avengers Treasury Edition, then some of the DC 100 page spectacular editions they did with the Justice League of America, Action Comics and the Brave & The Bold.... For a few years after I collected most of the British Marvel reprints (like Super Spider-man, The Titans), and whatever DC imported titles that turned up. I also started collecting 2000AD for the first couple of years, but eventually gave them all up for a few years...

What turned me back onto comics was the fact that during the 1980s I published a 'fanzine' about comic books, and during the course of that a great friend of mine (called Douglas Angel, are you out there?) sent me some copies of Kitchen Sink's Spirit Magazine. I was immediately hooked again, and then sort out the rest of the reprints that Kitchen Sink (and Warren) did. I still think as a series, The Spirit is one of the highlights of the medium.

The cover to Marvel Treasury Edition #2 - the first comic book I remember reading

After getting hooked with The Spirit, I went wild and got most of the titles that DC & Marvel released during the early 1990s, but with increasing prices and my interests wandering elsewhere again that soon stopped.

I still collect comic books today: the ABC line with Alan Moore I enjoy a lot. Plus I will purchase any of Marvel's Essential line of black & white reprints, and The Spirit Archives, of course. I also enjoy buying a lot of magazines produced by TwoMorrows and the like where they look at the minuate of certain titles, artists and publishers.

Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database

This site, which has over 100 pages, looks at the characters, creators and storylines involved in the series which was created by Will Eisner in 1940. The site also includes downloadable versions of cat yronwode's famours Spirit Checklist, which has been updated to include more recent reprints and the new stories that have appeared of The Spirit over the years.

The site has been active from one host or another since 1998, making it one of the oldest websites I have maintained regularly.

The Spirit

Citadel Supreme

One of the most interesting runs on an Image Comics title was when Alan Moore took over the writing of Supreme, a title created by Rob Liefeld back when anything Image published sold in the millions of copies.

These pages look at the storylines that were created under Alan Moore's tenure which featured the character, as well as looking at the Youngblood stories with Suprema, and the Judgement Day mini series.



When I was in holiday in Italy one year, I picked up a collection of Zagor and was intrigued by the character. After returning home and finding out the rich history of this character I put up this brief page explaining the settings and origin of the character who has been appearing in Italy since the 1960s. Zagor

Master Man

A page written by my friend Mikel Midnight, on this character who appeared in the pages of 'Master Comics'.  Master Man's  powers looked very familiar to those of the 'Big Red Cheese' (published by Fawcett), and the 'Man of Steel' (published by National Comics), which might explain why the character did not last too long. Master Man

DC Archives

A page which lists all the DC Archives available to order online, in most cases also with images of the cover. DC logo

Marvel Essentials

A page which lists all the Marvel Essential volumes available to order online, in most cases also with images of the cover.